Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ubuntu music players

I need a rant.

Banshee crashes when I try to import my library.
Audacious doesn't have media key integration on install.
Amarok is fuuucked. Shitty KDE interface, and doesn't come installed with mp3 codecs - wtf.
Rhythmbox is obsolete as Canonical picked Banshee as their new default.

Clementine my winner. No problems, full integration with Ubuntu.

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  1. FreedomFan1/2/11 04:59

    Can't agree with you about Amarok. It has the best interface and the best feature set by far. Also Amarok has nothing to do with codecs, it's the underlaying system that provides or does not provide them. Anyways Clementine is also very nice.


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